Alley Cat

Don’t be daunted by the vast, and we do mean, vast selection of beverages and liquors on this menu, and don’t be pressured by the dozens of bottles of rums and other liquor that line the wall behind the bar. Alleycat truly has something for everyone in terms of beverages, and although the menu is large, it’s well-organized. Besides liquor and expertly (but not pretentiously) crafted cocktails, there’s also beer and wine (by the glass and bottle); for those in an especially festive mood, Alley Cat Lounge offers a couple of house-made-to-share punches. Better still, if you’re at an absolute loss or just feeling adventurous, ask the bartenders. They can help you pick something out or even whip something up for you.

207 West Broughton Street

(It’s in Broughton Lane)

Savannah, GA, Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 677-0548


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